Love Letters

When it comes time for that wonderful part of the wedding day for the bride and groom to exchange their gifts, I love it when a thoughtful love letter is either included with the gift or it is the gift.  It is a special, special time.  And just imagine being able to read it over and over again through the years.  

A lot of times a bridesmaid or MOH will deliver bride's letter to the groom and vise versa.  Even in the video below, we have beautiful footage of the couple reading their letter after they were dressed for the wedding.  It always brings a lot of emotion to the surface (and we love emotion!!).

I saw this picture on Adam + Allie's Photography website and I LOVED the idea.  Not only is it sweet, but it is building the anticipation of being able to turn around and see your bride or groom.  Can you imagine the butterflies!!!


Walter ThamesComment