Meredith + Dale: The Sonnet House

You might recall last July for our anniversary trip, John hired the most amazing and beautiful makeup artist, Meredith Brown.  Well, Meredith is not only our friend now, but she first was our bride.  


We were excited about the wedding day for many reasons, but mainly because we were able to be a little out of the box.  We shot the entire day with our 1970s Super 8mm camera.  I can't wait to see how the footage turned out.  The film must be sent off to a lab for processing.  Now don't worry, we shot the ceremony with "real" video cameras too, just in case the 30 year old film missed a beat.


She and Dale had a beautiful wedding at The Sonnet House.  The food was great, flowers were beautiful, it was just a perfect day!


Planner: Molly Shook.  Photographer:  David Shirk with Unplugged Photography. Flowers: Carol Riley with Lillie's.  Catering: Kathy G. Cake: Dreamcakes.  Hair and Makeup: Jessica Lazarus and Kerri Bunn. Ceremony Music: Cahaba River Strings.


Great times!  


Here is a snippet of her vintage wedding film!