Shea + Gerald: St. Francis Xavier

Shea and Gerald had the best music of any wedding!  


We met Shea's mom, Kristin, through our association with Red Mountain Theatre Company.  So it was only natural that Kristin ask RMTC's top soloists to be a part of her daughter's wedding.  Beautiful, beautiful music during the wedding ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church!!!


The quaint reception was held in the penthouse of the same building as the Theatre's Cabaret.  It was a gorgeous rooftop reception.  We worked for the first time with Brendon Pinola, who was assisted by Daniel Taylor from Daniel Taylor Photography. I love how everyone in the industry helps each other out!  It was a fun day. 


One more fact, the hairdresser for the day was just off the Shrek Tour!  Fortunately for all involved, Ogre hair was not created!