Insider's Tips: Tip #34 - Choreographed 1st dance.

Another tip from John!  This one might be a little controversial too, so call him not me!!!


Don't have a choreographed first dance.  Wow, I know, right.  Dance lessons are half the fun leading up to the wedding, but keep reading, he has a few points to make about it.  I personally have seen some that I have really enjoyed and they were done well.  The audience will even show their support by ooohhing and ahhhing.  But being the good wife that I am, I will let him have his say.  


From John:

Unless you are trained ballroom dancers, then the choregraphed first dance is for the audience, not for the bride and groom.  The first dance should be a time that you as a very new couple can look back on the day and talk about it.  Look around the room and see your reception and anticipate the evening.  


It is not a time to be counting, one, two, three, four.  One, two, three, four.  You wonder how we know that you are counting?  We can read it on your lips in the video.  We can see that you are not caught up in the magical moment of the first dance, but you are trying not to fall down or trip.  


The traditional sway, aka the middle school sway, is a classic for a reason.  Anyone can do it.  And we can get better footage because you are spending your time looking into your husband's/wife's eyes.  You only get one first dance, fill it with romance.


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