Vincent + Vicki: Stonebridge Farms

We meet a lot of couples in this business that are completely and totally in love - after all, they are getting married!  But never I have ever seen a couple so in love with each other as Vince and Vicki. 


The wedding was more than combining of two people, it was a much more significant for Vince and Vicki.  It was the combining of two families.  Vicki has two children in their 20s, and Vince has two beautiful little girls that look at Vicki with love in their eyes.  You can easily tell the feeling is mutual.  


It was an unusually cold April Saturday, but everyone was thankful that the heavy rain and bad weather had passed the area the day before.   Vince and Vicki were married at St. John's in downtown Cullman and then greeted their guests at Stonebride Farms just minutes away.  The guests were treated to a variety of food stations from a grits bar to sushi, they had it all!  The most meaningful event of the night was a heartfelt toast by the bride's son.  The toast was well received and brought tears to Vicki's eyes (which makes for good video!!)  


The reception also consisted of the best groom's cake I have EVER tasted.  I am not a big chocolate lover but I heard that the cake was cheesecake, so I had to taste it.  I don't know who Miss Bessie Buell is, but at 80 years old, that woman can make a cake!  


We worked with a photographer team, Paul and Michelle Johnson, out of Florida.  They were great to work with - the best part was that we got to play with the couple and have lots of great photo opportunities!  There's a tip for you, allow extra time in the timeline for your photographer and videographer to get creative.  You won't regret it!


As the happy couple was leaving for three weeks traveling the world, they toasted to romance.  I think we all could take some notes!!!


Here are the beautiful photos from the photogs! 

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