Our viral video - almost.

So last week we noticed a little activity on one of our vimeo-posted videos.  No, I am not talking about another Hungarian blog that picked up the "Bridesmaid Jill" link again.  Always entertaining though.
But seriously, it was great fun watching the numbers grow all day long.  If you know me, you know that having a viral video is my ultimate goal in life and I had hopes and dreams of it happening right then!  The numbers were growing by the hundreds every few minutes.  I could just see myself on The Today Show - with our beautiful bride talking about her amazing wedding video.  I might have even given John the day off to come with me!
Well, my hopes and dreams crashed when the video that was raking in the numbers was not a wedding-related video, but a video of Christmas lights.  Christmas lights?  Really, that is what will make me famous????  Sure, they are cool lights set to music and it is very tastefully done.  But nothing about weddings.  Oh well, I guess you have to take it when you can get it.  
Please take a moment to watch this very awesome video of a local couple that goes to the extreme when putting up their Christmas lights!  You must drive by and take a look for yourself!  1030 Millstone Road, Leeds, AL 35094.


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