John & Angela | Our Love Story

She said.....


Yep, this is us.  After years of John harassing me to do this, I finally gave in.  The final product is exactly what we wanted, and more than we were expecting.  Our goal is to help clients - past, current, and future - get to know what we are about.  We work so closely with our couples that we get to know their love story and how they work.  Not we are letting you get to know us on a more personal level.  


You will not find any fancy camera work here.  This is just about the love that two people share and what they have created from that love.


He Said....


1) It's not hyperboly when she says it took me years to get her to do this.


2) This was a lot of fun to edit, and it was one of the most difficult edits I've done in years as the uncut interview is well over an hour long.  There was a lot of content that was funny and special to us that didn't make the cut. Mostly because you had to be there or because it was a little too incriminating.  


3) I was talking to a great wedding industry friend yesterday about this piece of video and explaining that this was the beginning to a new direction and focus for myself and the company.  Don't get me wrong we love love, we love creating beautiful imagery and fancy camera work.  And we can do, and will continue to do exacly that. But, it cannot be the focus of our work.  People and their stories must be the focus of the work.  As stated elsewhere on our website...


"It’s a beginning and an ending, it’s glorious and sad, and it’s intimate and public. In your lifetime there will be few milestones that will change the course of your future more than your wedding day. Main Street Productions understands and believes in the emotions of life. We bring these emotions to our art and look forward to presenting you a glimpse into your own past...."



Special thanks to our "camera crew", Kerri Burson and Anita Kanellis. Makeup artist, Laura Eason. Paparazzi, Daniel Taylor Photography. And to the great folks at Woodrow Hall for letting us use their space.

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