Final thoughts of 2010

As every year, we had some absolutely amazing clients!  Our brides and grooms keep us creative; they keep us striving to deliver better and better work.  We love to get calls from siblings who are getting married.  It is such a wonderful compliment.  Best friends are great too when they call!  We just love all of our clients!


Along with a healthy number of weddings and events, we had several major events that occured in 2010.  The first one came from a contact that we met at WEVA in 2009.  We were asked to come to Indiana to film a celebrity Platinum wedding in the Spring!  Way cool!!!  It was our only weekend off that we had, so I feel that it was meant to be!  The design team in charge of the wedding was fabulous!  I love details, and details were everywhere! It was a long day, but so much fun.  Here is a clip taken from that day.  Edited by IndyVisual.  (Update:  They are submitting the video for some local awards, so we will see if our handy work wins)


Soon after we arrived back from Indy we were once again honored to film for another videographer.  Brett Culp is a celebrity videographer who has made quite a name for himself.  He contacted us one day asking for a couple of shooters for an in-town celebrity wedding.  I tried to play it cool. Tried.  I think I might have squealed.  Yeah, pretty sure I was a moron.  Oh well, it was an awesome wedding!  Huge, crazy, fun.  The only problem is that I wasn't hip enough to know the celebrity guests.  Oh well.  I did get to interview Gayle King.  That's something, right???


Through the year, this little boy that we have keeps getting bigger and bigger.  There is nothing baby about him anymore.  My heart is filled with pride when we remembers to say thank you (without being prompted) or when he gives the biggest hugs to his grandparents.  Sure, we have things we still have to work on each day, but I do hope that we are raising one amazing kid. And that he is not still living with us when he is 30.  Just saying...

For wedding film making as a whole, we are seeing some different trending. I first noticed it in 2009, but in 2010 it happened a lot! Brides were calling us first, before the photographer, before the venue. Everyone always thinks that videography is one of the last things you book, well we are seeing that is not the case anymore. Way cool!!!

We also found that brides were changing their dates in order for us to be available for their wedding. What a HUGE compliment! We were so honored that they wanted to do this.

The year ended with a big surprise for us.  We were awarded the Bride's Choice Award for 2010 by the Perfect Wedding Guide!!!!  There is an entire blog post about that too!!!  Hee hee!!!!  I love it!!!


John and I were having a nice birthday/new year's eve dinner the other night and talking about the past year and what 2011 holds for us.  There are so many changes that we want to make and like everyone else, the beginning of a brand new year gives us hope that we can achieve all that we want for us personally and our clients. 


2011 is going to be a big year; one for the books!  We have several exciting things in store and I can't wait to start the ride! 
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