Virginia + Andy: We Won the Bet!

Miss Virginia came to us from a referral by her photographer, the wonderful Marsha Perry.  We love vendor referrals - they mean so much to us that other industry professionals value our work.  I think the best part about Virginia is her sweet smile - maybe because it matches her heart.  I don't know, but she is a girl that everyone likes instantly.  She and Andy were married on a very hot day in July at the First UMC Church in Tuscaloosa with their reception at The University Club.  


Virginia only wanted us to film the ceremony, thinking that she would just care about the ceremony.  Well, we made a bet with her (after all we have talked with quite a few brides over the past seven years).  We are always approached by someone saying their biggest regret from their wedding was not hiring a videographer. It breaks my heart when I hear this.  


So we decided that we would come film the ceremony like we contracted, but we would also film the reception (for free).  I told her that when she got back from her honeymoon, she could decide whether or not she wanted us to edit the reception.  If she wanted it, then she would just pay us the difference in what we charged her and our normal rate.  If she didn't, we would only be out our time for filming.  


Approximately 35 minutes into the reception (right after she danced with her grandfather), Virginia came up to me and told me that she had to have the entire video.  This is the footage that helped us to win the bet.     


Walter ThamesComment