What an experience!  We received an email from a guy that we met last Fall at a videographer's convention (WEVA).  Bob (Indyvisual) was a fantastic presenter and we gained so much insight into our business.  We have kept up with each other over this past year (isn't Facebook wonderful!!) and we have continued to share video clips of recent weddings.  


Bob had gotten a last minute request from a family that he had worked with before, that they needed a videographer for a wedding date that he already had booked.  The family trusted him to pick someone to work in his place.  Fortunately for Bob, we had reserved one Spring weekend for a yard sale (unfortunately for all of our junk) and it happened to be the one weekend that he needed us!  


Off we went to Indiana!  Carmel, Indiana to be exact.  


The wedding took place at one of the family's very large and very nice estates.  It was a beautiful and romantic ceremony and the reception was fun and upbeat.  A cigar roller was part of the extras for the day!  My favorite detail from the day were individual present-style cakes for each of the kids in attendance at the reception.  And I can't forget the custom-designed dance floor painted to resemble Monet's Water Lillies.  Just beautiful!  


It is always refreshing to be able to work with people you never have been able to.  Monica from Detail + Design and her entire team of wedding planner ninjas took care of every detail.  Everything was flawless.  Hether Miles Photography was on hand to capture the day.  Or should I say evening...  We got back to our hotel at 3:00 a.m.  I think I am still recovering!! Ha!


It was a great experience overall.  I am so glad that we had the weekend off so that we could take this wonderful adventure.  
Walter ThamesComment