Molly + Kevin: Highlands UMC/The Club

I am not really sure where to start with this one.  W.O.W. What a party!!!!  


We found Molly & Kevin thorugh a previous couple (Adrienne and Luke - from Bridesmaid Jill fame) and she is just a doll!  Right after they were engaged we sat down with Molly to go over her wedding.  At that time, she hadn't booked any of her vendors, so little by little, I found out the details that would make up her perfect day!   On the day of the wedding, Molly looked stunning in her Heidi Elnora dress.  


There are so many things to say about this wedding!  I am just going to do a list to make sure I include all of the vendors.   


Jackie Rowell - wedding planner.  We have known her through industry assoications but this was our first wedding together and I think it turned out great!


Rehearsal dinner: Park Lane - Funny story here.  Beautiful venue and Mary Jones actually left the lighting up a little for me!! Hee hee!!!  That night she posted on her FB page that "It looks like Motel 6 over here"  You might have to be over the age of 30 to remember those commercials.  I thought it was hilarious! They were leaving the lights on for me!!!


Photographers:  Armosa Studios:  First time to work with this couple.  Great times.  Love their work!


Very cool getting ready coverage at ALOFT hotel in Homewood.  Cool lobby.   


Reception:  The Club, but not in the ballroom, but in the disco room.  Looking for something different, try this.  You still have the terrace, and you also have the cool dance floor!!!  Tons of people there, I think I heard 675.  It is not our record though, but that is a whole lot of thank you notes for Molly!!!


Band: Black Jacket.  Never ending entertainment from them.  Kept everyone on the dance floor the entire time.


Flowers: Beautiful flowers by Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market.


One of the most AWESOME shots from this wedding will come from John hanging out of the van window with a camera following the couple from the church to The Club.  They were in a family's antique car, driven by Vintage Auto.  So if a minivan was being driven by a crazy lady with some guy hanging out the door on Saturday, no worries, we got a KILLER shot!!!!!



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