Marquita + Marcus: Alabama Activity Center

A couple of weeks before Marquita and Marcus's wedding, we were in Montgomery for another wedding.  We drove by this really cool looking place with these great fountains, and I thought it would be a great place for a wedding reception with amazing photos!  Fast forward a couple of weeks and it is time for Marquita & Marcus's big day and where do we arrive for their reception - the Alabama Activity Center!  The same place that I had commented on just two weeks before!  


Not only was it our first time at this venue, but it was also our first time to work with Meghan Cease, of M. Elizabeth Weddings & Events.   She did a fabulous job throughout the very emotional ceremony and the fun reception!  


With Jessica Messer by our side, we were able to get amazing footage of our couple in front of gorgeous fountains!  We love working with Jessica - she is so much fun and talented!  The bride and groom patiently smiled for countless photos (and video); we just couldn't get enough.  Marquita is just beautiful and is was so easy to just keep filming!  BTW, Marcus was pretty cute too!  


They both have such supportive families that I just know that they are going to have a happy and fun life together.  And with as many wishes for babies as we captured on film that night, I see a beautiful family in their future! 

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