Danielle + Jim

For this wedding we traveled south to the small town of McKenzie, Alabama.  It was here in the McKenzie United Methodist Church that Danielle and Jim would exchange their vows in front of their family and close friends.  It was a beautiful, older church with two huge wooden doors leading directly into the sanctuary.  Talk about a dramatic entrance!  After the ceremony, the photographer (Alisa Lynn) finished up the photos and we all traveled to the Greenville Country Club.  Guests were treated to good Southern comfort food at the reception.  (We were so busy that John didn't even get to sample the fried chicken!)
But the surprise of the evening was when the couple was leaving for the night and acted like they were getting to the big SUV, when it pulled away revealing the Harley motorcycle behind it.  Funny stuff!  I don't think I have ever seen a bride in her wedding dress riding on a motorcycle!!!!  The motorcycle actually belonged to Danielle's late father and she had chosen several ways throughout the day to include his memory.  It was very special.
Danielle really was stunning on that Saturday.  Jim is a lucky man.  I hope that they had a terrific time on their honeymoon!  

Walter ThamesComment