Will is THREE!

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  As much as I want him to be my little baby boy forever, I know he must grow up.  I have to say that three was easier than two - not near as many joyful tears for me!!  I might not have even had time to think about it that weekend.  We have two other birthday parties to attend along with a Saturday evening wedding and a Sunday morning wedding!  Wow!


On Sunday, I took my cupcakes to the Sonnet House (not the location of the birthday party, but of the wedding) and placed them inside so that they wouldn't melt.  Then after the wedding, we packed up, changed into our "play" clothes and off to the park we went!


John's parents had kept Will on Saturday night for us because of our crazy schedule, so they met us at the park for the birthday party.  Several of Will's friends came to the party and had a great time running around like crazy on such a beautiful day!  


At the end of the day, we were tired, Will was tired, his grandparents were tired, everyone was TIRED!  But it was so much fun!  He is a great kid!  I am proud that I get to be his mom!
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