2009 Year Ender!

2009 was an amazing year, a year that was full of changes (with John FINALLY being able to retire in May).  We set out in 2008 to grow our business into one of the best in Birmingham.  I don't mean to be boastful, but I love what we have created and will continue to strive to help Main Street Productions deliver an amazing product to our customers.  We learned a lot in 2009 and will use that knowledge to further our success in 2010.  


After working like crazy for months to get as many weddings as we could out to brides/grooms for the holidays, we were able to take 1 whole week off from work!!!  This has never been done in our 7 years and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!


During this time, we filmed a family tradition that I would like to share with you.  On New Year's Day, we decorate a Christmas tree with firecrackers and blow it up!  The result is hilarious!!  My in-laws (who shall remain nameless) live in a very rural area, so it is fairly safe.  And of course, we got video...



This is one of my favorite family traditions in the Deaver family. Once, as a contest between two teams (with a trophy and everything), has evolved into just one tree lit with firecrackers, etc. If the tree is dry enough, flames are a sure thing! Don't worry, John's dad had the water hose handy (especially after the 16 ft high flames from a few years ago).


Oh, and before the rumors get started, no alcohol was involved.

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