WEVA 2009!!

So I am a little late blogging about our amazing trip to Orlando.  Now don't get your hopes up, we didn't take a vacation - we were there for the annual WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers Association) convention.  We absolutely love going!  You come back refreshed, with new ideas, new friends, less money, but in the end it is all worth it!    

On a personal note, this was the first time that I had been away from Will for longer than one night.  (Last year, we all flew down together with Will and my dad: a.k.a. the official babysitter of Main Street Productions)  

John and I flew out early Monday morning, arrived in Orlando with enough time to get to the hotel, grab a quick bite to eat, and get to classes.  This first day was an "extra" day so only John had classes.  This was my time to relax.  Angela trying to relax is funny in itself!  So while John was learning wonderful techniques from his man-crush, Philip Bloom, I went off to the pool/lazy river for 1 whole hour!

The lazy river idea has always intrigued me.  Floating down on an intertube, enjoying the sun, and quietness around you....Ahhhhhh.  The real truth:  the intertube is way to small for you to sit comfortably in, without feeling like you are doing a sit-up for 10 minutes straight.  So I opted to lay on my belly.  Well, when you are short and in 3 feet of water, it is hard to jump high enough to actually get on the intertube.  Did I mention that all of the while, there were these cannonball water spouts shooting you (to cool you off)???  So finally I just came up from underneath and put my arms though and tried to relax.  Seconds later, the river came to an end.  I was beat!  Relaxing is just really hard for me!!!  I get out of the pool and this guy had been watching me struggle and was laughing at my expense.  He did agree that the intertubes were incredibly difficult.  Nice guy.  Glad I could bring joy to his afternoon.

Monday night was the Opening Gala, where we were treated to a wonderful dinner and awards ceremony.  There were some really talented folks in that room.  And we got to hang out with Bill and Alisa Wilson with SunDolphin Productions!!!  So much fun!  We didn't submit any videos for the contest, but maybe next year!  We have such a hard time keeping our website and blog updated, that I can't imagine finding time to put something together for WEVA.

Tuesday started with all day classes, from 8 - 8.  We really try to go to as many as possible, to get as much out of the conference as we can.  Sometimes John and I go to the same class, but most of the time we divide up.  My favorite class was taught by my new best friend, Bob Ridge, a fellow videographer out of Indiana.  I learned so many great tips!  Wow!  

That night Panasonic had a party for everyone.  And of course, we had to go - they were giving away a HMC 40!!  We didn't win.  But we still had a great time hanging out with Bill and Alisa and everyone else!  

Because we were leaving on Wednesday afternoon, we packed as many classes into that morning as we could.  WEVA also does a trade show with vendors of every kind, all with great deals.  I was talking with the Bogen guy about their goods, and he recognized my birthmark on my arm, and said...."Were you at the lazy river on Monday?"  Yes, he was the guy that was making fun of me on the lazy river.  I didn't want to, but I still bought something from him.  It was a good deal, what was I supposed to do!!!

Needless to say, we had a great time, but we both were super happy to be home to Will on Wednesday afternoon/evening.  He and Pop had a great time, but I know my Dad was tired!  He is the best!  And Will and I survived being away from each other that long.  Next year, maybe we can take a couple of days off and do Disney while we are down there (with Will and Pop)!!!

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