Prestigious Doctor doing the Jerk!

So now that I have your attention....I don't know if Maggie's dad is very prestigious, but he is a doctor. And it wasn't like he was the only one dancing, but I thought I would steal a headline from the newspaper "types". Regardless it is very funny footage that I thought everyone should be able to see, especially Dr. Woods' co-workers!


Maggie and Blake were married last Saturday at the beautiful Mountain Brook Baptist Church. Their reception followed at The Club. I have to say of all of the times that we have filmed at The Club, I had never seen it designed the way Jill with Weddings by Jill had done. It was spectacular! Every single piece of flower was amazing! A work of art!


She had arranged the cake table at the opposite end of the dance floor (from the band) so that it created this coziness feeling in the very large ballroom. I loved it! I loved it so much that the next day when I was meeting with a new bride that happens to be having her reception at The Club, I told her all about it! With drawings and everything! And if you know me and my art skill (or lack there of), I did not do it justice! And Jill was just so wonderful to work with! I think I would like her to be my new best friend.

Back to the footage! This clip was taken after the band had invited the family up on stage. Blake and Maggie and then Maggie's parents. I cut it down a good bit so that it wouldn't be too long, but I still think it is sooooo funny! I love the part at the end when Maggie looks over at her dad and just looses it!!! I am picking on Dr. Woods mainly because Mrs. Woods was holding her own - she had some moves! As did Maggie and Blake! It was a lot of fun and I am glad to share this sneak peek clip from the reception!


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