N & C @ B & A

Clever title, huh??? It's all I've got tonight!

On to the story!

I didn't have the opportunity to get to know Natalie and Chris before the wedding like I normally like to do, but I can tell you that Natalie's mom is the best! She was so sweet she even called to thank us a couple of days after the wedding. I am surprised that she wasn't still recuperating!

The bride and groom were married at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Mt. Brook. After a very beautiful ceremony, the guests all headed to the B & A Warehouse. And that is where the party began. Fabulous flowers, great venue, amazing food and cakes! The band kept everyone dancing all night. It was a perfect evening. We were so busy getting wonderful footage, I am not even sure that I got to tell Natalie how beautiful she was!

Enjoy the fun dancing!

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