Traci Mathews & Jason Creel!

We had the privilege of being able to be a part of the greatest wedding of the year! Traci Mathews married her sweet beau, Jason, at her parent's house in Springville, AL. Many of you know Mathews Manor - great venue to work. The Mathews have always been one of our favorites in town. Probably 5 years ago, we left a battery at their house and Mr. Mathews was so kind to save it for me; I will always remember that!


When their daughter started to plan her wedding, she really had the upperhand compared to most brides. After all, the family plans and hosts weddings for a living. I would hope that because of this, it was more relaxing, calm, and enjoyable for everyone! There were a lot of people in attendance to wish Traci & Jason a great start to their new life together.


Not only was it a special wedding, but it was also the launch of a brand new site for Mathews Manor. In the hopes of expanding, the Mathews bought the property across the street from their current location. It is a fabulous meadow with the heart being an amazing 75 ft high tree! It was this tree that captured Traci's heart. And it was her dad that made it all happen in a very short amount of time.


Our favorite part (which seemed to be made for a photo session) was this beautiful stone bridge over a small creek. Wow! It is perfect! The creek even had a small path so that you could stand in the middle and take your shots up toward the couple on the bridge.


The following clip was taken from the photo session where Traci and Jason saw each other for the 1st time on the day of their wedding. Very sweet!


We suggest you follow the links to to see it in HD!


Jason and Traci, First sight from john deaver on Vimeo.
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