The World's Best Husband!

So tomorrow, July 8, John and I celebrate 9 years of marriage!  It is a little strange to me that it has been that long (seeing how I still think that I am really 18).  We actually started dating when I was 18!! 

 We don't have a perfect marriage, but I really don't think I would change anything.  We have a house that we love (that will take 100 more years to complete the renovation), a son that never ceases to amaze me, a successful business that we have created and worked from the ground up, and lots of laughter and love in our home.  

Apparently John started devising a plan months ago for our anniversary.  He contacted one of my good friends and arranged with her for us to go shopping together.  I guess that statement doesn't sound so over the top.  But wait, I HATE shopping.  I don't like going to stores, don't like trying things on, I especially don't like spending money!  If you know me and/or keep track of my clothing, you can tell that it is not a big priority with me.  Sure I am a business owner, but a very low maintenance business owner.  We work a lot.  A lot.  So I don't take precious time to go out and buy anything.  

I did finally make a haircut appointment for this morning.  A badly needed appointment.  So we decided that we would take Will to the $3.00 movie this morning and then I would go on to my appt, and John would take Will home.  We get there in the parking lot and I see my friend's, Kerri, van.  Didn't think much about it, but did want to be able for the boys to sit together during the movie.  

Once we all got settled, I was told that after the movie, Kerri and I were going shopping and that John was going to take all three boys (ages 5, almost 3, and 2) home with him for the day! (I probably could write an entire blog on the adventures of having three boys running around all day: the games, the food, the messy house that I should post pictures, the potty was a long day.) 

John had given Kerri a very large sum of cash for us to spend.  (I could not control the money because he did not think that I would spend it).  He had also called my MIL (Rickie) to come join in on the fun!

We did have a fun day!  Kerri was grabbing clothing right and left.  I was told not to give an opinion until after I tried it on. I wish that I had counted the number of articles of clothing that I tried on today.  Between Kerri and Rickie, I am pretty wiped out.  I can't imagine how they must feel.  

But in the end we got some great outfits.  I try not to think about how much money we spent. We didn't spend all of it, like we were instructed, but we ran out of time and energy.  Apparently all of my shoes are hideous too!  And I don't wear enough jewelry!  Or make-up!  So another shopping day has been planned.  I will need to eat my Wheaties before that day!

All of this was done out of love for me.  How great is that!  I am not trying to sound boastful or whatever, but I have a husband that is willing to go through that much effort for me.  To make me happy.  I know how lucky I am, trust me!  If you don't know John, you are missing out.  I am so glad that he is my husband.  I see us being the elderly couple racing our wheelchairs through the nursing home halls; I can't wait!  I love you, John!

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