Personal stuff

So I have had a lot of complaints that this blog is too work-related and not enough personal stuff is included.  But I really don't know where to begin on that part. 

Summer is here. John has officially retired at the ripe ol' age of 34 from Hoover City Schools!  We are excited about this big step.  When I became full time back in 2005, we were nervous for about 2 minutes, but then realized that it was the best thing we could have done.  I think we both feel that way now about him retiring!  I just hope that we don't have to continue to work 18 hours a day every day.  Let's cut it down to 12!  Honest days work, right?

Will is growing up more and more every day.  He is talking up a storm and has such expression.  Today, while I was shooting getting ready coverage for my girls at Reid Chapel, will stayed with his Aunt Jill and Uncle Brian.  I packed a few toys to keep him entertained (since their house is not kid friendly!!).  But I had forgotten that they were musicians!  Will talked non-stop all of the way home about the drums that he got to play with.  He was so excited!  

Our 100 year old house is coming along. We haven't had much time to work on it in the past several months.  My dad, who usually comes from Huntsville to help, has been doing so much work at his church, that he hasn't had an opportunity to major repair on our house.  And when you think about it, with a house this old, everything is a major repair.  Everyone always tells us that "it will be a showcase one day."  That is just code word for "WHAT DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO!!!!"  But it's home...

I do love my wild and crazy life!

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