I don't know about any of you, but I am so tired of hearing the doom and gloom from the media.  I have always been a positive person and I hope that I will stay that way.  I am not ignorant to the fact that there are many that have lost their jobs; I do hope that those people find employment very soon.

There is a lot of talk within the wedding industry saying the way are all "recession-proof."  I don't know if that really is the case, but I do know that our business has not declined one bit over the past year.  In fact, business is booming!  People still want to get married, still have the wedding of their dreams.  The following article taken from The Birmingham News talks about this subject.

I was so excited when I found out that this article was going to be coming out.  Dorothy from Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market spoke at a recent AWEP ( meeting.  She feels that the media is killing our industry.  She is hoping that this article will put a stop to the negativity.  Her business is booming too!

If you are a bride looking for an extraordinary wedding day, but need to cut a few corners, try having your wedding on Friday or Sunday.  Many vendors offer a discount for those off peak days (us included)!  I know that Mallory from Ross Bridge tries to encourage her brides that have their heart set on a wedding on the beautiful grounds at Ross Bridge to pick a Friday or Sunday wedding if they can't afford a Saturday night.  It is a great compromise!  

Just remember to not skimp on the video!  At the end of your busy wedding day, you really won't remember hardly anything and you will have  your photos and video to be able to remember the emotion of the day.   Our videos are not just a point and press record kind of videos.  It is an art!  Ask me to mail you a recent wedding that we have done and you will see for yourself!

We have a bride that recently came to us looking for a last minute videographer.  The company she hired was a national videography company that turned out to be a scam.  It sounded like a great deal, but if you don't end up with a video, then it is not that great of a deal!

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