The Kelly-Truelove Spectacular!

Jordan & Justin might have come into our lives quickly, but it will take a long time before we forget their truly spectacular wedding!  We were working/visiting at a friend's wedding on Friday, April 3 when I got a call from Beverly at Engaging Celebrations.  She was in a panic and needed a videographer for the following afternoon/evening.  Anyone that has ever met John or I knows that we will always do whatever we can to help someone.  So knowing that we already had a small event that night, I called in our troops.  Within 5 minutes, we had everything arranged so that Jordan & Justin would have a first-class wedding video.  I have to say, that to date, that was the shortest booking we have ever had!


And what a great night it turned out to be.  The ceremony was held in front of over 400 guests at the Sonnet House.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  The details that were included in the wedding were amazing!  It really did seem that everything that was important to the bride and groom were represented at the wedding.  Everyone had such a great time at the reception dancing to Groove Daddy!  

I have to conclude with kudos to Beverly.  That was one of the most organized events we have ever worked.  For the last minute videographers to know everything about the wedding a good 18 hours before arriving says a lot about Beverly and her company.


Walter Thames2 Comments