Why should I get a wedding video?
Video is not what it used to be.  John and I's wedding video from just 9 years ago looks completely different to what is produced these days.  The skills that we have along with the techniques that we use really create a cinematic memory.  We have had several brides and grooms that said that they felt that they were movie stars!  

I actually met someone last night at a wedding that said her number one regret from her wedding is that she didn't get a wedding video.  One of our organizations that we belong to (WEVA) did a study that showed just that.   You really won't remember most of your wedding day.  (And moms: you are too busy entertaining all of your family, out of town guests, and neighbors to even come close to grasp how beautiful your daughter's wedding day was.)  Your photos and video will be all that you have at the end of the day.  I have hundreds of emails from brides, grooms, and other family members saying how much they enjoyed their video.  

What comes standard with every package?
For every one of our packages, we use at least a 2 camera setup during the ceremony.  One of the cameras will be used for a wide, steady shot, the other camera, the close up shot.  I love a close up shot.  That is where true emotion is seen.  We will provide a wireless microphone for the groom to wear.  Keep in mind this is not for the entire congregation to hear, but just for the cameras.  It will also pick up your audio.  

Standard items during the reception include:  introduction, cake cutting, 1st dance, daddy/daughter dance, mother/groom dance, beauty shots (decorations, flowers, all of the details of the day), people shots, and any dancing.  All of this is included in the Basic package up until your time ends.  The more your package includes, the more you will have on your video.  Now if we see an opportunity to "shadow" your photographer to get other amazing footage, then we will, regardless of your package.  We have always tried to give our customers more than they expect.

When does my coverage time start? 
For every package but the Epic, coverage time starts at the start of the ceremony.  Say your ceremony will begin at 6:00 - with the Basic package, your end time will be 9:00 - the Feature will cover until 11:00 and so on.  We do arrive approximately one hour before the ceremony for setup.  Unless your package specifies, we don't start rolling until the grandparents start down the aisle.

Can your packages be customized?  
For many brides, our traditional packages are exactly what they are looking for.  But because every wedding is different, sometimes our packages need to be tweaked so to match perfectly with an event.  You can use the packages as a guideline.  

How do I determine which package is the one we need?
To determine which package is best for you, start with your coverage time.  If you are having a reception in your church hall and only plan to stay an hour, then our largest package, the Epic, would not be right for you.  But on the opposite end, if you plan to have a reception that lasts until the early morning hours, then our Basic package is not for you.  We have several add-ons that can be customized: Getting Ready coverage, Guest Interviews, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, Photo Montages, anything you can think of, we can film!

Do I need HD?
We upgraded to HD cameras back in December 2006.  (I believe we were one of the first wedding videographers in town to do this.)  Since then we have been producing high quality videos for our customers.  Everything that we film is in HD, but how it is delivered is completely up to you.  

If you have a HD TV, watch the evening news on NBC13 vs. another local news program.  The NBC13 broadcast is crystal clear - that is HD.  Your video can look like that too! You just need a HD TV and a Blu-Ray player!  We can deliver a Blu-Ray compatible DVD, HD DVD, SD DVD or any combination of those.  The video quality is amazing!

Now if you don't own a HD TV/player and don't care about having the latest technology, then you will still get a very high quality SD DVD.  We still film everything in HD, but it will just be down-converted to a SD DVD for you.  The picture quality that we get with our HD cameras starts off better than if filmed with SD cameras.     

Can I pick the music used in my video?
Please!  Just provide us the artist name and title, we can download the song.  We love the get the songs from you a couple of weeks before the wedding if possible!

We think we would like to have Main Street Productions as our wedding videographer, now what?
I always like to meet with potential brides - we need to make sure we click!  During this meeting, I will also show you several short clips from previous weddings.  This will not only let you see more about what we can do, but I will also be able to gauge your likes and dislikes.  I make tons of notes so that I don't forget a thing!  

How do we reserve Main Street Productions for our wedding?
To reserve your date, please fill out our Wedding Agreement (you can download it from the website).  We require a 50% deposit, either by cash, check or credit card.   For our Premiere and Epic packages, we only require a 25% deposit to reserve the date, with another 25% paid two weeks prior to the wedding.  The reminder is not due until we deliver the DVDs.   

How long will it take for us to get our video?
While on your honeymoon, we will send you a link to a short piece of video from your wedding.  But the final video will not be ready for about 6 weeks.  Sometimes it is shorter, sometimes a little longer, but always worth the wait!  This is not a hobby for us, this is a business, this is our life.  

How many events do you film per year?
For the 1st half of 2009, we have over 40 events scheduled.  Not all of those are weddings, as we do corporate events as well.  It keeps us very busy.  We have a great team of people that work with us to ensure a timely delivery of all of our events.  

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