March Madness!

So I would really like to be able to write a personalized section for every wedding & event we do, but this time of year it is not going to happen. I am trying to be ok with that!

Earlier this month we filmed a cute piano recital, Seafari. These kids did an amazing job performing for their parents at the North Shelby Baptist Church. They colored a picture and wrote a poem to go along with their piano piece. Of course all related to the Sea. Get it, Seafari.

The next day, the Exceptional Foundation did their annual Chili Cook-Off. Wow, the amount of people that attended! Beautiful day for it too! Saw all of the wonderful attendants that we had just seen at Prom - although they were not near as dressy!

I did update about the Mikkel wedding - perfect day for an outside wedding. If you haven't already, check out the short clip that we did for the couple. Editing a wedding takes time, so we just threw together a few clips so that could see what great footage we got. Now, we never give away are best stuff! So more to come!

In this business, unusual jobs pop up here and there. John got a call that they needed crew for the Bull Riding Rodeo that was coming to the BJCC. Having never been to a Rodeo, he gladly accepted the 2-day job. It was tape delayed on Vs. network. These guys are crazy! John had a great time, worked very hard, but had a great time. We had Tivo'd the event and watched it the next day with Will. John really got a lot of air time for just being a crew member. And Will thought it was neat that "daddies" was on TV.

Feeling a little tired just thinking about this month.

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