So after my initial post, I had a few complaints that this was just a business blog from my friends. I guess it somewhat is, but a big part of our lives is our son, Will. From time to time I will update everyone about the latest and greatest with him.

2 years old, almost. April will be here before we know it. When I actually have a free second to sit back and think about these last two years, I am just in awe. Everyone is our immediate family thinks he is a genius, never mind that we are partial. I would like him to be smart, maybe then he won't live with us until he is 30!

His favorite game right now is to hide his toy/milk/whatever (in plain site, mind you) and then come over and ask you where it is. You point to it and then he throws his head back and says, "Oh, there it is!" This game is pretty entertaining for me the first time, but Will never gets tired of it.

When Pop visits and works on the house, Will is right by his side ready to help. Today he tried to help caulk a window! A little messy, sure! But we are freezing in this old house!

He is amazing! Lately he will even color while I work for almost 30 minutes! I think his independence is helping me feel more like my old self and get more done in a given day! All moms love these two things!

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