Ashley & Brandon: Trinity UMC/The Club

When I arrived at Trinity United Methodist Church, I first saw Ashley in her beautiful Carriage House Wedding Gown.  She was absolutely glowing!  She was so excited that her wedding day was here and was savoring every detail of the church, flowers, music, everything.  Vince with Flower Stems did an amazing job on her flowers!  I loved the boutonnieres!! 


After Ashley and Brandon's gorgeous ceremony, The Club hosted their fun reception.  With Super T as your band, you can't go wrong.  That guy is an entertainer.  I saw him at one point, bumping hips with a grandmother!  He got everyone on the dance floor when the bride and her bridesmaids were pulled up on stage for introductions.  Funny, funny stuff.  


There was a point where Super T tried to get me up on stage - I know I have lots of people in my life that would have paid good money to see that, but it didn't happen.  Let's just say I didn't want the "slightly" intoxicated wedding guest hold my camera while I was up on stage - it was not because I was chicken!!!!!  As we always do with Super T, we can back with sooooo much great footage!  It was a fun evening for all involved and I can't wait to get started editing!
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