2008 Year in Review

Since this is the first entry, I thought I would do a summary of last year. Bear with me as I try to be "hip" and have a blog!

Although we have been filming weddings and such for six years, 2008 was the year that we decided to really push the business. Sink or swim, right? John was ready for a very early retirement from teaching so we really felt that the time was right to make our business a full-time company.

So we started doing advertising. Now, truth be told, I really enjoyed surviving on just word of mouth advertising. I think it said a lot about us and our product. And it was a whole lot cheaper!!!! But the advertising that we selected was perfect for us and really started to get our name out there (more than it already was).

We met so many wonderful brides and grooms this past year! We really do feel that we are lucky to be able to be a part of such an amazing day. Early in the year, we had the great pleasure of being the videographers for Deidre Downs' wedding (Miss America 2005). She is such a beautiful lady! And her mom is so proud of her!

Our summer was not only filled with lots of weddings, but lots of kids too! Now, we only have the one, but we are fortunate enough to be a part of the Summer Workshop for Red Mountain Theatre Co (formerly Summerfest). John co-teaches with a lady from LA - she does the acting on camera part and John does the camera part! Although she might be able to learn his part, but it would not work the other way! 300 kids all day long for two weeks really makes you feel older than you are (or at least older than you think you are!)

Some families travel to Orlando during the summer to see the Mouse, but the Deavers, we go to a videographer's convention. WEVA had their annual show and it never disappoints. We were able to fly my father down with us so that he could watch our son, Will, while we went to workshops. John and I try to divide up so that we can make the most out of the short week. We both always come back with new ideas!

During the fall, we found out that our neighbor was selling his house, so we picked the one weekend that we had open to move all of our stuff across the street. It sounds funny and it looked even funnier! I wish I could say that everything is unpacked and organized, but that is not the case. Mainly because our new house is much older (105 years) and needs some updating to say the least!

During this time, we became the official videographers for the NBC 13 Throws a Wedding 2008. The couple was wonderful to work with and so appreciative of everything that was given to them. We really enjoyed working with all of the other vendors too!

The Christmas season is always a hectic time of the year. Lots of projects going out the door, but never quick enough to get it all done. And with an almost 2 year old, the season is a little crazy.

We look back on the year with fond memories of great customers. We are so thankful that we own such a successful business that takes pride in its work. We produce a quality product that pleases our customers. 2009 is expected to be even better than the year before and we will do whatever we can to make that happen. And maybe, just maybe, we will take a day off!

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