For several years, we have provided the recording of the Amy Murphy voice recitals.  Each performance is captured by three professional cameras and audio recording devices.  We will take every measure to ensure great audio and video quality, however, we ask that your child follow Amy's recommendation of how to properly hold the microphone.  

This year we are transitioning into the digital age and providing the recitals through HD online delivery.  This will allow you to download not only your child's performance to your computer but also the entire show. You will also easily be able to share the link via email and social media or put the files on a thumb drive and give to grandma.  The best part is that this method doesn't compress the quality like it does with a standard definition dvd.  Plus it is super easy to use! 

Price for the video is $40. 

Please select the date and time of which you are ordering. If you are ordering for siblings that performed two separate nights, please fill out two order forms.
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